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Family and Community Assistance Office

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Thank you for choosing the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Southwest Texas. Please fill out the following information and we will be in touch with you in 2 business days.

***PLEASE NOTE, a request for assistance or a referral to St Vincent de Paul does not equate to services being rendered. The client will be screened for services to ensure they meet program criteria as outlined by our various funding streams.***

Please Follow the Directions Below when you enter the Kiosk:
1) Complete each field on the first page.
2) For those seeking rent assistance please upload all required documents at the bottom of the first page otherwise you will not receive assistance.
3) Click submit and the kiosk will take you to a form. Please sign and submit the ROI (Release of Information form) before you close out of the kiosk otherwise you will not receive assistance.

As of 2021 Family and Community Assistance is not offering utility bill assistance. There are two options we can provide for you:

1) Fill out the pre-intake application below and we may be able to refer you to a conference in your area
2) You can go to the CEAP website and fill out the application for utility assistance on your own:

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Questions? Contact Family and Community Assistance Office at 210-225-7837